Washing Powder

Washing Powder

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Our washing powder has been formulated for Boo's sensitive skin. Boo can't use store bought laundry powders/liquids as she breaks out in hives/rash. 👚 👖 👕 

Our washing powder is made with

*Laundry soap (handmade coconut soap)

*Bicarbonate soda

*Washing Soda

*Sodium Chloride (salts)

*Sodium Percarbonate (oxygen booster)

*Skin safe fragrance oil.... Thats it!


We have been making this laundry powder for the last few years and have carefully selected these ingredients.... why??

Well salts can work as a stain remover in laundry products, salt can also help to maintain bright colours and it can reduce yellowing in clothes. 

BiCarb can act as a stain remover, it can brighten colours and it can help remove bad odours.

Washing Soda can act as a water softner.

Coconut soap is all hand made here at MooBoo head quarters. Once the soap is made we then grate it all up,  dry out for 6 weeks and then go onto grinding it into a fine powder. It works perfect in laundry powder as it's a very low sudsing/ highly cleansing soap.

Sodium Percarbonate is an oxygen booster. Sodium Percarbonate is hydrogen peroxide encased in washing soda. When added to hot water the dense oxygen within the hydrogen peroxide is released into the water.  If you choose to wash in cold water thats fine, it's there if you need.


Directions- Place a scoop of washing powder into the powder section of your washing machine and wash clothes as usual.

Warnings- Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Do not eat!

Fragrance oils that contain vanilla/vanillin may discolour the powder to a brown, green or even yellow colour BUT that does NOT affect product.

e 900g per tub