Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask
Clay Face Mask

Clay Face Mask

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** Clay Face **

Our clay face mask is not only an amazing clay mask but it has many other amazing uses. This CLAY FACE is seriously amazing for so many reasons.

*1 Facial mask- start by spreading the clay mask all over your face and avoiding your eyes and mouth area. Allow the mask to sit and dry on your face for 15 mins to give it enough time to draw out the debris from your pores and remove dead skin cells. Once the mask has dried, add some water to your face-mask to soften up the clays back up. Rub in a circular motion and the clays will begin to foam up. Keep massaging for a minute or so to give your face an extra clean. Rinse-wash off with a face cloth. We like to put our mask on 15 mins before we jump into the shower. 

*2 Facial Cleanser- Scoop out some of the Clay Face and spread evenly over your face. Add water to your face if you would like it to spread easier. Rub around your face in a circular motion. Massage for 30-45 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. Be Careful as this can be messy :)

*3 Body Wash- Place a dollop onto your shower Puff and use as a body wash. It will foam up nicely :)

*4 Foot Soak- Smear a tablespoon amount into your foot soaking bucket. Turn the tap on high to fill and create bubbles. Soak feet for 10-15 mins to get the spa feel! Or cover your feet in the clays, Cover with a plastic bag for 10-15 mins. Remove bag, massage feet with water and rinse well.

*5 Scalp Treatment- Scoop some clay out (you will need more than normal shampoo) massage into your scalp to help with removing product build up and help with scalp issues. Leave in whilst you wash the rest of your body. Rinse thoroughly and apply your favourite conditioner.


With ingredients like BENTONITE CLAY- a very soft and gentle clay that is wonderful at absorbing excess oils, making it great for oily skin types and the problems around that. Bentonite clay has negative ion charge which in turn attaches itself to positive charged toxins on your skin.

KAOLIN CLAY- is said to be the gentlest clay which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. 

ZINC OXIDE- is very soothing and beneficial for alot of skin issues.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL- is powerful at drawing impurities out of the skin.

WITCH HAZEL- Great at helping tone the skin and removing excess dirt and tightening pores.

Glycerine- is great at moisturizing the skin.

GREEN AUSTRALIAN CLAY- Is one of the strongest clays and is great for detoxing acne and oily skin. The minerals help balance oil flow, strengthen skin and aid in repairing scars.


ingredients- cocamidopropyl betaine, kaolin clay, aqua,  olive green Australian clay, glycerine, bentonite clay, witch hazel, emulsifying wax, zinc oxide, stearic acid, activated charcoal, preservative. approx 100g

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*Wipe off bathroom surfaces immediately.

*Do Not get mask's in eyes.

*May make bathtub/shower slippery.

*Do NOT eat

*Always do a test patch on skin before use.

*Rinse off immediately if any irritation occurs.

Clay Face Mask