Solid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap

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The scent-

A zesty mix of lime, basil & mandarin essential oils


Grapefruit & Orange essential oils 



About our solid dish soap-

I absolutely love this stuff to clean up after a day of making & creating. It works great at cleaning dishes as well as cleaning bench tops and removing those annoying water marks from the kitchen sink.   

Not only is this dish soap great at cutting through grease it’s also vegan friendly & biodegradable.

Our dish soap comes packaged in a metal tin making it that bit more environmentally friendly. Every dish soap sold also comes with a piece of loofa that you can use to wash your dishes.  Loofa is a natural plant based scrubber that when worn out can be placed into your compost or into your garden bed 🌱 🌎💗 



To use- 

You can use the solid dish soap in 2 ways.

1- With a wet/clean dish cloth, swipe over the solid dish soap a few times to build up lather and wash dishes as desired. Reapply to dish cloth as desired.

2- Hold tin under running water to create a lather in sink water. Wash dishes as desired.

**Always empty tin of any water and let dry out between uses**


e. 90g