Menthol Shower Steamers
Menthol Shower Steamers
Menthol Shower Steamers

Menthol Shower Steamers

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 Who said showers can't be as fun as a bath?!?

All shower steamers are made with menthol crystals and essential oils 💗


Pop a shower steamer in the corner of your shower floor(out of direct water flow) or soap holder in your shower caddy, Sprinkle with water to start activating your shower steamer and enjoy the aroma. e.85 per steamer.


Menthol- contains menthol crystals, sinus relief fragrance oil and peppermint, eucalyptus & lemon essential oils to help clear your stuffy nose.

Relax- A soothing blend of bedtime baby fragrance oil & essential oils of English lavender, bergamot Calabrian, mandarin, lemon, Cedarwood atlas and Roman chamomile with menthol crystals. 

Goddess- an uplifting essential oil blend of ylang ylang, sweet orange, white grapefruit and patchouli essential oils, with menthol crystals.

Morning Time- a bright essential oil blend of Lime, sweet orange, spearmint & peppermint to help kick off your day. With added menthol crystals.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, essential oils and/or Fragrance oils, cream of tartar, olive oil, Menthol crystals, polysorbate 80, mica, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.



Do not ever use in bath tubNot suitable for skin contact.

💙menthol shower steamers are not to be used on children under 10 years old!💙

⭐️ DO NOT HOLD shower steamers as menthol crystals will irritate your skin and high fragrance/essential oil blend isn’t skin safe.

⭐Always be careful with use of essential oils near pets/small children!

⭐May make shower floor slippery! ALWAYS be careful!

Menthol Shower Steamers