Leave in Hair Conditioning Spray

Leave in Hair Conditioning Spray

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Our leave in hair conditioning spray not only can work as a hair detangler & Frizz control. It can be used as a hair mist/perfume and it can provide heat and UV protection without any build up. 


Made with the hair loving Argan Oil :)


Suitable for ALL hair types


Does not contain alcohol!



To use-

Shake well 

spray over wet or dry hair and brush/style as usual


Icy Shine is a pantene dupe and consists of notes of Raspberries, Melon, Orange
Muguet, Peony, Rose, Jasmine, Magnolia, Vanilla, Musk


Cake Confetti smells like a birthday cake with notes of cake, cream & marshmallow.





Discontinue use if irritation occurs 

Do not spray in eyes (consult medical advise if this occurs)

May make bathroom/tile surfaces slippery.

Store in a cool/dry place.