Soapy Soufflé

Soapy Soufflé

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Soapy Souffle' - Whipped Soap

Our luxurious creamy whipped Soapy Souffle' are made completely by us. No pre made base or unnecessary fillers. Only quality ingredients and alot of Love goes into each jar of soapy souffle'.

Our whipped soap is super light, soft, fluffy and creamy. Packed full of ingredients like castor oil, olive oil and kaolin clay that your skin will love! e. 250ml


*scoop a small bit out with clean hands, rub onto skin to create a creamy lather. A little goes a LONG way. Great to use for a body wash, hand soap or it's amazing as a creamy shaving soap!

sodium cocoyl isethionate, glycerine, aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine, stearic acid, olive oil , castor oil, fragrance oil, kaolin clay, optiphen, mica, colour pigment, glitter seldom)