Easter Melts

Easter Melts

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Carrot Cake- buttery spice blend with hints of peach, coconut, carrots, cinnamon and warm vanilla, lemon & butter.

Bunny Fluff- A sweet treat fragrance that boasts floral tones and hints of vanilla and musk.

Bunny Fields- A crisp scent of a grassy field at dawn. With fresh citrus and floral notes & pink musk, this fragrance will bring back childhood memories of early morning Easter hunts.

Cocoa Therapy-If you love chocolate then you will absolutely adore cocoa therapy. Notes of Dutch Chocolate, Whipped Milk Accord, Madagascar Vanilla, Brown Sugar.

Hot Cross Buns- With it's sweet notes of vanilla and cinnamon, it will leave your house smelling like Easter morning all year round.

Bunny Burps- A yummy chocolatey fragrance with hints of vanilla, sweet raspberry and base notes of light musk and coconut.


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