Boo Bomb packs
Boo Bomb packs
Boo Bomb packs
Boo Bomb packs

Boo Bomb packs

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Does your child NEED a bath bomb every night? This is a great cost effective way for your kids to enjoy our bath bombs. 🛀🏽


6 x bath bombs per bag

💗 Musk sticks

🧡 Pineapple Mango

💛 Monkey Farts

💚 AppleBerry

💙 Star Dust

💜Grape Soda


 approx. 235g net weight Boo Bomb bags


**Mini Boo Bomb Bags**

contains 3 x mini bath bombs 

scent- rainbow sherbet







Ingredients-Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, sodium lauryl Sulphoacetate, fragrance oil, olive oil/or grapeseed oil, polysorbate 80, aqua, isopropyl alcohol, mica, pigment colour and water soluble dye.

*May contain traces of allergens.

*May make bath slippery.

*Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs.

*MAY cause temporary staining of the skin if you hold activating bathbomb!**

**Only use Bath Bombs in a clean bathtub as colour will stick to dirt/grime**

Boo Bomb packs
Boo Bomb packs