About Us

We are a mother daughter team from Adelaide, Australia.

Boo started her MooBoo journey at 11 years of age and she is now 14 (nearly 15). Boo has always had sensitive skin and has a love for fragrances. Boo could never use store brought items without breaking out in a rash or having some sort of reaction. She decided one day she wanted to enjoy all the "pretty things too" and thats where it all started. Boo held her very first market in our drive way at 11 years of age and its all slowly grown from there.

Boo is the creator/brains behind MooBoo melts and more and loves creating bath and body products in lots of fun colours and scents. When Boo isn't creating new recipes or products she is researching new ingredients or recipes to use for more new products.

I (Tamika, Boo's Mum) help Boo with her final recipes, ordering her stock, helping her pour clamshell's when she is super busy and testing her new products (my favourite part) as well as pakaging and labelling her products for her. No I do not make her bath and body products, I can't make a bath bomb stick together if i tried haha I'm also banned from them as i waste to many of Boo's ingredients!

Boo's Big Sister (16) is our label maker for all her soy wax clamshell melts. We think she does an amazing job with her colourful labels.

Boo's little brother (13) loves being a product tester for all Boo's products.

Boo's dad (Paul) travels all around Adelaide picking up stock/supplies aswel as setting her up for all her markets around Adelaide. 

 Thankyou for all your love and supporting a Big dream xox